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Division: 1/3000,1/30000, 1/300000, 1/6000, 1/60000....         

You can set by yourself

Other Functions: 

1. Decimals Settings (you can choose 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000kg)

2. Division settings (we mainly produce high precision, so you can choose higher divistion. Such as: 3000kg/50g or 100g)

3. Calibration Points and Maximum Capacity Settings (You can choose any calibration points as you wish)

4. Accumulating

5. RS232C Interface (It can send data to computer or printer)

6. Units Conversion (there are kg, g, lb, oz, ct, gn...)

7. Counting8. Percentage

9. Back-lit

10. Zero-Tracking and Auto Tare

11. Low voltage indication and Charge indication

12. 8 pcs AA dry battery or Rechargeable battery

13. It can be hang on the wall or put on iron stand

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