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To Test Grain, Tobacco, Paper, Food, Tea, Corn, Chemical, Row Materials, Pharmaceutical mater….

ItemMAMin. weight of sample0.5 g

Outline Dimension


330×180×140 mmPropose sample weight2-10 g
Pan size
100 mmWeight of sampleRepeatability
CertificateCE, ISO, ROHS1g+/- 0.6%
H.S. code902780992g+/- 0.3%
Heating time1 – 99 minutes5g+/- 0.12%
Moisture accuracy0.01 g (0.1%)0.005 g (0.05%)0.001 g (0.01%)
Capacity0-50 g / 0-110g0-50 g / 0-110g0-50 g / 0-110g
Repeatability (2g Sample)0.5% (<= 0.02g)0.3% (<= 0.01g)0.2% (<= 0.002g)

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