Electronic balance

High precision from 0.1mg to 0.01g

magnetic senor or load cell senor

automatic calibration

multiple functions including counting, units conversion, tare...

Built-in RS232 interface and under weighing hook

  • Electronic Balance
    Electronic Balance
    W&J Professional Electronic Balance manufacturers,The company independently develops and designs new products, and its technology is in a leading position in China. It has a rich product line, including analytical balances, laboratory balances, moisture analyzers, viscometers, acidity meters, etc.Electronic Balance is professionally designed. It is carried out by our designers who understand the potentials and pitfalls of the specific jewelry materials and how jewelry works in relation to the body.
  • Analytical Balance
    Analytical Balance
    W&J Best Quality Analytical Balance Factory,Good product quality, reasonable price and high cost performanceW&J brand new automatic internal school analytical balance has a large touch color screen, five-sided fully transparent glass windshield. Using a new generation of electromagnetic force sensor, stable performance, small error. The balance has functions such as counting, multi-unit conversion, tare, zero tracking and so on. Fully automatic internal calibration, simple operation. Built-in RS232 or USB interface, you can connect to computers, printers and other equipment.